In the decades following the collapse of the Soviet Union, countries in Central and Eastern Europe have confronted a period of transformation processes that rapidly altered earlier structures of space and society, leaving their mark throughout urban wilderness, brownfields, border landscapes, and former military zones on the one hand, and suburbanisation, gentrification of cities, and industrialisation of agriculture on the other. By exploring the unique contexts and reactions to the preservation, removal, and transformation of spaces impacted by such processes, we can learn much about the ways in which contested histories and futures are mediated through built and natural environments, and the emotions that they inspire.

To this end, we invite contributions that explore the changing roles of rural and urban cultural heritages in rapidly transforming social and political settings, with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Additionally, we encourage submissions that address how different perspectives on heritage inform the representation and reinterpretation of spaces in public discourse in order to construct new cultural landscapes.


November 7-10, 2018


Villa Lanna, V Sadech 1, 160 00 Prague, Czech Republic

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Conference Details

In addition to presentations and panels (Wed to Fri, November 7-9, 2018), the conference will also feature the following:

  • An excursion to one or more sites related to the conference theme (Sat, November 10, 2018)
  • Guest speakers – Andrew Butler and Mariusz Czepczyński
  • Lunch and refreshments at the venue (free for registered participants)
  • Conference dinner at the venue (Wed, November 7, 2018, free for registered participants)

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