Post conference tour

We are pleased to announce that free post conference bus tour entitled Through the post-industrial landscape of late capitalism: Collective housing, industrial decline, open cast mines and cultural heritage in the Czech borderlands is ready for bookings of presenting participants.

Pleese find more information HERE.

Registration is now closed. For questions concerning the tour please contact LOC member Hana Daňková at

Conference registration is OPEN!

We are delighted to announce that registration for the conference Spaces and Places in Transition is now open! There is no registration fee, but advanced registration for the conference is required. Space is limited and reservations will be accepted in the order they are received. To be included in the conference program and receive materials at registration, please register by August 31, 2018. Late registration and walk-ins will be accepted in limited quantities for non-speakers only. All speakers must be registered in the given deadline.

Please register on-line HERE. Registration via an e-mail will not be accepted.

Invited Speaker: Dr. Andrew Butler

We are pleased to announce our second keynote speaker for the conference, Dr. Andrew Butler, whose research focuses extensively on the democratization of landscapes and the interconnectedness of landscape and identity.

Dr. Butler is a researcher and lecturer with the Department of Urban and Rural Development, within the Division for Landscape Architecture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, where his research activities are concentrated on landscape discourses, landscape identity, and landscape democratization. He has most recently contributed a chapter to the collected volume, Defining Landscape Democracy: A Path to Spatial Justice (forthcoming, June 2018), where his contribution explores conflict and consensus in the context of landscape assessments. As part of a team of researchers, a recent project, Landscape up in Smoke, focused on how individuals’ relationships to landscapes are affected in the aftermath of catastrophic events, in this case, after a sizeable forest fire. From this approach, the landscape is viewed as foundational to identity and cultural heritage, and as such the project explore how its destruction and transformation implied both existential as well as economic and materials losses for the community affected.

Submission closed

Please note that the submissions for Spaces and Places in Transition conference are now closed. The acceptance notification will be sent on May 31st 2018 at the latest. For any further information:

First keynote speaker confirmed: Prof. dr. Mariusz Czepczyński


We are pleased to announce that Prof. dr. Mariusz Czepczyński, noted cultural geographer and expert on post-socialist urban landscapes, will join the conference as an invited speaker.

Prof. dr. Czepczyński is associate professor of the Department of Spatial Management, within the Institute of Geography, University of Gdańsk, Poland, where his research activities are concentrated on cultural geography. Within this scope, his research fields include post-socialist landscape transformation, meanings of culture in urban conversion, local and regional development, and cultural heritage.

Prof. dr. Czepczyński is the author of Cultural Landscapes of Post-Socialist Cities, a book in which he explores the roles of ‘landscape cleansing’ and ‘recycling’ in post-1989 urban landscapes in Central Europe, and the fusion of communist and free market values in the transformation of the forms, meanings and uses of post-socialist urbanscapes. Mostly recently, in collaboration with Svetlana Hristova, he edited the volume Public Space: Between Reimagination and Occupation, which examines contemporary public space in light of the transition from consumerist to post-consumerist societies, and the various factors that have led to reappropriation and reimagination of the urban commons. In addition to active participation in numerous research projects, including several EU Framework Programmes, he has also worked as adviser and consultant for numerous municipalities on development strategies, social and economic analysis, and housing, transport and tourism issues.

Prof. dr. Czepczyński will give a lecture entitled Changing places, changing landscapes. Post-socialist spatial pathways and off-roads.