First keynote speaker confirmed: Prof. dr. Mariusz Czepczyński


We are pleased to announce that Prof. dr. Mariusz Czepczyński, noted cultural geographer and expert on post-socialist urban landscapes, will join the conference as an invited speaker.

Prof. dr. Czepczyński is associate professor of the Department of Spatial Management, within the Institute of Geography, University of Gdańsk, Poland, where his research activities are concentrated on cultural geography. Within this scope, his research fields include post-socialist landscape transformation, meanings of culture in urban conversion, local and regional development, and cultural heritage.

Prof. dr. Czepczyński is the author of Cultural Landscapes of Post-Socialist Cities, a book in which he explores the roles of ‘landscape cleansing’ and ‘recycling’ in post-1989 urban landscapes in Central Europe, and the fusion of communist and free market values in the transformation of the forms, meanings and uses of post-socialist urbanscapes. Mostly recently, in collaboration with Svetlana Hristova, he edited the volume Public Space: Between Reimagination and Occupation, which examines contemporary public space in light of the transition from consumerist to post-consumerist societies, and the various factors that have led to reappropriation and reimagination of the urban commons. In addition to active participation in numerous research projects, including several EU Framework Programmes, he has also worked as adviser and consultant for numerous municipalities on development strategies, social and economic analysis, and housing, transport and tourism issues.

Prof. dr. Czepczyński will give a lecture entitled Changing places, changing landscapes. Post-socialist spatial pathways and off-roads.