Invited Speaker: Dr. Andrew Butler

We are pleased to announce our second keynote speaker for the conference, Dr. Andrew Butler, whose research focuses extensively on the democratization of landscapes and the interconnectedness of landscape and identity.

Dr. Butler is a researcher and lecturer with the Department of Urban and Rural Development, within the Division for Landscape Architecture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, where his research activities are concentrated on landscape discourses, landscape identity, and landscape democratization. He has most recently contributed a chapter to the collected volume, Defining Landscape Democracy: A Path to Spatial Justice (forthcoming, June 2018), where his contribution explores conflict and consensus in the context of landscape assessments. As part of a team of researchers, a recent project, Landscape up in Smoke, focused on how individuals’ relationships to landscapes are affected in the aftermath of catastrophic events, in this case, after a sizeable forest fire. From this approach, the landscape is viewed as foundational to identity and cultural heritage, and as such the project explore how its destruction and transformation implied both existential as well as economic and materials losses for the community affected.